Cool Tech 2

This follow-up series places readers at the center of innovation. These books highlight the latest and greatest technology in communications, computers, energy, industry, medicine, space exploration and more! With Cool Tech 2, readers will see how they can use the technology of the present to transform the future. 

Each text introduces readers to some of today's coolest tech such as synthetic organs, smart grids, and AI-generated art. Real-world applications, detailed descriptions, and engaging photography, capture curious readers' attention. 

Further extend the learning with an engage your reader feature. Readers will develop strong understandings of subject-specific academic vocabulary terms using context clues and visualization. 

Books in series

  • Aerogels and Other Material Tech
  • Artificial Intelligence Art and Other Creative Tech
  • Computer Chips and Other Hardware Tech
  • Cubesats and Other Satellite Tech
  • Smart Grids and Other Energy Tech
  • Synthetic Organs and Other Medical Tech
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ISBN: 9780716653875
Volumes: 6
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