Learning Through Exploration

Meeting research standards for early grades can be very difficult. The World Book Discovery Encyclopedia is specifically designed to meet this challenge and address the research needs of students in the early grades.

Click on the links below to download the activity sheets and answer key that accompany The World Book Discovery Encyclopedia.

Download the activity sheets here
Download the answer key here

The Format of the Activity Sheets

Each Discovery Encyclopedia activity sheet has 10 primary questions and 2 bonus questions for the student to research. The encyclopedia’s text, photographs, illustrations, and other features must be used to answer the questions.

The organizational structure of the questions for volumes 1 through 12 is as follows:

Question #1 – Charts, Fact Boxes, and Timelines
Question #2 – Maps
Question #3 – Article Context
Question #4 – Illustrations
Question #5 – Cross-references
Question #6 – Related References
Question #7 – Special Features
Question #8 – Article Context
Question #9 – Illustrations
Question #10 – Phonetic Spellings

Suggested Uses and Follow-up Activities

Some suggested ideas for using the Activity Sheets and performing follow-up activities are:

  1. Give each student a volume and a copy of the corresponding activity sheet to complete.
  2. Give pairs of students in a classroom group an activity sheet to complete as a team in a competitive time frame. The winning team is the team that answers the most questions correctly on their assigned activity sheet within the set time frame.
  3. Challenge students to complete all 13 activity sheets during free-reading and/or activity periods.
  4. Have the students write a report or give a class presentation based on the topic of one of the questions.
  5. Make a list of all the guide words on pages that have answers to the questions asked. Then alphabetize the guide words.
  6. Use a dictionary to find the definition of one or more of the guide words or answers.
  7. Draw a picture of one of the guide words or answers.
  8. Follow a cross-reference and tell how it is related to the original subject.
  9. Prepare a list of fun facts learned while doing the activities.
  10. Have students prepare their own activity sheet for each volume.