Bright Through Learning

The pink anemonefish (Amphiprion perideraion) featured in the Spinescape® thrives in the sheltering but also stinging environment of an anemone's tentacles. Our world sometimes can leave us fearing that we are surrounded by dangers, and learning is an important tool we use to understand and live in our world. Among the meanings of the word bright are smart, clever, and quick- all helpful characteristics in our challenging world. This 2016 edition of The World Book Encyclopedia® adopts the pink anemonefish as a mascot to represent the encyclopedia's invitation to you to become brighter through the learning you do within its pages!


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Through the striking image of bees seeking nourishment from a flower, the SPINESCAPE® design for the World Book Encyclopedia 2015 edition—The Lure of Learning—represents the human desire for knowledge. Bees depend on flowers to provide them with sustenance. So, too, do readers depend on the World Book Encyclopedia to provide them with accurate and authoritative information needed to develop a better understanding of their world. Your family will be lured by the vivid colors and striking detail featured in the World Book Encyclopedia 2015, and their curiosity is sure to be rewarded by the informative and eminently readable content they will discover within the pages of the set.


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Though many among us are in the thrall of the latest whiz-bang electronic information-retrieval technology, a “technology gap” can limit our access to reliable, understandable information in many places in this country and elsewhere in the world. Our annual edition helps to bridge that gap.


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The 2013 Edition of World Book Encyclopedia - Giving Wings to Knowledge - represents the power of curiosity and the beauty of knowledge through the image of a dazzling macaw soaring through a tropical rain forest. The flight of birds has long symbolized aspiration. The World Book Encyclopedia is circulating non-fiction that invites readers to engage their curiosity and fuel their aspiration for knowledge, exploring its pages confident that what they find in them is accurate, authoritative, and understandable.


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With its own majestic Spinescape®, this 13-volume general information resource belongs on every library and classroom bookshelf. Serving as the perfect introduction to informational texts, this resource helps students develop necessary research skills that will continue to serve them throughout their education.


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For a fresh look at today’s elementary and middle-school science topics, this nine volume series delivers with more than 3,000 articles across more than 2,300 pages, and hundreds of photographs, illustrations, maps, and diagrams. Arranged into such pertinent topics as Animals, Earth, Human Beings, Matter & Energy, Plants, Space, and Technology, the titles can easily be shelved as a set or individually. Organization within the individual titles is alphabetical. This series meets the Common Core State Standards for Grade 4-8 for the use of informational texts and research skills. An effective resource for STEM instruction and student reference for in- and out-of-classroom assignments.


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Cooking and food can be a wondrous adventure, especially with a thorough understanding of the history and origins of food, a grasp of the cultures and environments involved, and an appreciation for those who have played key roles in its development over the years. The Food Encyclopedia is a beautiful hardcover book containing 8,000 entries, with cross-references on foods, wines, beverages, cooking methods and techniques, and biographies of prominent people.


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