Facing Life's Challenges

Facing Life's Challenges describes very real issues that today's youth experience and confront daily.

Each title illustrates specific situations and the emotions involved, to help readers learn to recognize, reflect on and communicate feelings, ask for help, and advocate for themselves and others.

"Try This!" and "Grow with Goals" activities in each title help readers actively reflect on the subject matter and set their own goals to promote a growth mindset and hone helpful social and emotional (SEL) skills.

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SKU: 30274
ISBN: 978-0-7166-4915-1
Pages: 24 per volume
Volumes: 8
Price: $179.99
    • Facing Bigotry
    • Facing Bullying
    • Facing Death
    • Facing Discrimination
    • Facing Divorce
    • Facing Peer Pressure
    • Facing Serious Illness
    • Facing Uncertainty