Learning Ladders 3

With two-page colorful illustrations, World Book’s Learning Ladders series is for young learners looking to learn the basics about nature, science, and their communities. Each nonfiction book was created for three- to six-year-olds to learn about topics they’re most curious about. Each book in the 10-volume series features colorful illustrations, fun facts, and easy to understand sentences. Words in bold type help early readers build vocabulary skills.

Books in Series

  • Biggest, Fastest, Smallest, Slowest!
  • Famous Buildings
  • Inventions
  • Jobs to Do
  • A Place in Space
  • Our Planet's Pieces
  • Play Sports!
  • Terrific Trees
  • Tropical Fish
  • World of Birds
SKU: 20391k
ISBN: 978-0-7166-7945-5
Pages: 320
Volumes: 10
Price: $89.99
    • Concise text reinforces developing reading skills
    • Provides bite-sized information to promote comprehension by early readers
    • Bolded words to help build vocabulary skills

    “Recommended. This comprehensive, fact-filled set introduces basic concepts to early learners.”

    - Library Media Connection