Natural Marvels

With exciting, eye-catching photographs and easy-to-read sentences, World Book’s Natural Marvels series helps kids in grades 5 to 8 learn about some of Earth’s most fascinating landforms. Each book takes kids on a visual journey through canyons and caves, enchanted landscapes, and mountains of fire and helps them learn how these natural landforms were created. As they read along, kids will be able to explore nature’s skyscrapers, treasures of the oceans, and worlds beneath our feet. Each book has a helpful glossary and an index that direct students to the most important terms and topics.

Books in Series

  • Breathtaking Chasms
  • Carved by Time
  • Enchanted Landscapes
  • Fabled Waters
  • Mountains of Fire
  • Nature's Skyscrapers
  • Treasures of the Oceans
  • Worlds Beneath Our Feet

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ISBN: 978-0-7166-3363-1
Pages: 320
Volumes: 8
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