Want to learn more about animals around the world and their habitats? Then the "Animals and Their Habitats" Set from World Book is perfect for you and your kids to explore the wonderful animal world! Each book in this eight-volume series associates animals with their habitats. From icy polar wastes to scorched deserts to the ocean depths, each volume enumerates representative animals of a habitat. This in-depth and beautifully illustrated series places animals in regional contexts to expand readers’ understanding and appreciation of the living world.

Key features of Animals and Their Habitats

- Hundreds of magnificent illustrations and photographs provide additional information and facilitate visual understanding

- A “Vital Statistics” box describes each animal’s length, weight, and other significant characteristics

- Text boxes link to illustrated significant features of each animal

- Maps show where in the world each animal lives

- A “How Big Is It?” feature provides easily understood graphical size comparison

"Animals and Their Habitats is a 10-volume set designed with upper elementary and middle school students in mind. The volumes are arranged by animal habitat: Grasslands, Oceans, Savannahs, Mountains and Polar Regions, Rivers and Wetlands, Seasonal Forests, Deserts and Scrublands, and Tropical Regions and Rain Forests. The books provide interesting facts about the various species that live within each region; information that children this age will be fascinated with. For each group, the book discusses physical features, behaviors, and their survival status in today's environment, focusing on special aspects of their habitat on their survival and adaptation. There is also a focus on migration patterns of species as well as the influence of species that have been introduced into new environments. The content has been reviewed by educators to ensure its usefulness in the classroom and to ensure that the reading level is appropriate for the intended audience. The information is presented in small snippets of information with useful sidebars and colorful illustrations to keep reader's interest. Each volume provides information that teachers can use within the classroom as well as a information that could be used in individual or classroom research. This set would be useful in school libraries as well as the children's section of public libraries. Parents homeschooling their children would find it particularly useful."

American Reference Books Annual, 2013

Books in this series:

  • Deserts and Scrublands
  • Grasslands
  • Mountains and Polar Regions
  • Oceans
  • Rivers, Lakes, and Wetlands
  • Savannas
  • Seasonal Forests
  • Tropical Regions and Rain Forests