Literacy in the Science Classroom

To gain a deeper understanding of scientific concepts and to work well with a variety of science processes, students must develop essential skills that enable them to read, write, listen to, and speak about scientific texts and presentations. Literacy in the Science Classroom is a handy tool to improve science instruction that integrates science and literacy with a variety of fun, engaging activities and games designed to hone students’ skills. These literacy and science experiences are connected to Common Core and other state standards, as well as the Next Generation Science Standards.

About the Author:

Millie Blandford is a National Board Certified educator in Science. In her 19 years as an educator and administrator, Millie has received the following awards: Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, Campbellsville University’s Teacher of Excellence Award, Unsung Heroes Award, Semi-finalist for Kentucky Teacher of the Year Award, and Amgen’s Award for Science Teaching Excellence. Millie currently serves as Vice Principal in a middle school in Kentucky.

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