Enigmas of History Set 2

Explore fascinating mysteries and secrets of history and folklore from countries and cultures around the world. Designed for students in grades 4 to 8, Enigmas of History 2 presents the most recent findings and theories of scientists, archaeologists, historians, and folklorists concerning questions that have puzzled experts for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years. In each nonfiction book in the series, kids will find maps, diagrams, timelines, and glossaries to aid their in-depth understanding of the topic.

Books in Series

  • The Bermuda Triangle and Other Mysteries of the Deep
  • The Mysteries in the Nazca Desert
  • The Mysteries of Egypt’s Pyramids
  • The Mysteries of the Amazon Rain Forest
  • The Mystery of Machu Picchu
  • The Mystery of Tutankhamun
  • Revealing the Secrets of Dinosaurs
  • Searching for the Real Dracula

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ISBN: 978-0-7166-2670-1
Pages: 384
Volumes: 8
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    • A clean, captivating layout designed for easy navigation and visual interest
    • A wealth of maps, diagrams, timelines and glossaries contributes to in-depth learning

    "The second group of books originally published in Spanish by Editorial Sol 90 continues the excellent coverage of how researchers are solving some of history's most enduring mysteries with modern investigative approaches and technologies. The volumes describe how scientific methods are providing new insights into topics such as the Bermuda Triangle and Dracula. They offer background information, discuss the origins of myths surrounding the subjects, explain how research is contributing to general knowledge, and provide rational explanations and theories. The strongest element of the set is the outstanding illustrative material, which includes large color photos of locations and artifacts, illustrations, maps, aerial images, diagrams, and exploded and cutaway drawings. VERDICT These selections are certain to draw a pleasure-reading and report-writing audience and are a strong buy."

    --School Library Journal

    “These selections are certain to draw a pleasure-reading and report-writing audience and are a strong buy.”
    - Series Made Simple