Survival Stories

When faced with nature's life-and-death circumstances, how would you respond? Survival Stories recounts true stories of people overcoming adversity and surviving against the odds. Readers will learn which decisions led to their survival as well as tips and tricks on how to survive in similar situations.

Books in Series

  • Surviving in the Wild
  • Surviving a Blizzard
  • Surviving the Desert
  • Surviving a Hurricane
  • Surviving the Rainforest
  • Surviving at Sea
  • Surviving a Tornado
  • Surviving a Tsunami

SKU: 30242
ISBN: 978-0-7166-4167-4
Pages: 256
Volumes: 8
Price: $224.99
    • Narrative nonfiction throughout maintains interest, and diagrams provide visual support
    • Reinforces AASL’s Standards Framework for Learners