True or False 4

True or False? is back for the fourth time! This popular series uncovers the surprising truths behind common misconceptions, some serious some fun- covering topics from sharks and volcanoes to animation and explorers. 

Readers are encouraged to think for themselves as they ponder interesting questions. Colorful photography in each book helps to engage learners and supplement the text. 

This fourth set of True or False? book includes an extensive Engage Your Reader feature with a focus on analyzing claims, evidence and reasoning. 

Books in series

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Animation
  • Bugs and other Tiny Creatures
  • Civil Rights
  • Climate Change
  • Crimes and Other Mysteries
  • Explorers
  • Holidays and Celebrations
  • Sharks
  • Volcanoes

SKU: 20464
ISBN: 9780716640691
Pages: 960
Volumes: 10
Price: $224.99