Ugh Yuck and Whoa set
  • Ugh Yuck and Whoa set
  • Squid spread
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Ugh! Yuck! And Whoa!

The world is full of animals with strange shapes, dangerous defenses, and bizarre habits. The Ugh! Yuck! and Whoa! series highlights the most extreme among them: the grossest, the deadliest, and the ugliest! Learning about lesser-known creatures they may never have seen before (and might not want to see again!) helps children to better understand ecosystems and the natural world.

Books in Series

  • Back Off, Buddy!
  • Don't Bite Me!
  • Ugh, That's Ugly!
  • What a Jerk!
  • What on Earth is That?
  • Where Did It Go?
  • Whoa, That's Strange!
  • Yuck, That's Gross!

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