Avoid the Summer Slide!

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Summer is a time for students to relax and take a break from stress and homework, but research shows that students that don't practice over the summer can lose around 20 percent of their reading skills gained that year and about 27 percent of the math skills they’ve gained. That is a lot of precious learning out the window and is setting them up to be behind in the fall. It’s been a difficult few years for students, and we want to ensure we’re supporting students as much as possible over the summer.

Studies show that 2-3 hours of practice per week are needed to prevent summer learning loss. That breaks down to just 20-30 minutes per day! And reading doesn't have to be limited to books! We have a lot of resources to help ensure students are still practicing this summer and having fun while doing it!

  • Read about current events using our Behind the Headlines feature in Student and Advanced
  • Cook a recipe using one of our Taste the World! titles in eBooks
  • Read biographies of people you are interested in, such as athletes or musicians
  • Play fun, educational games in Early Learning, Kids, Student, and Discover
  • Learn something new by reading articles on a topic of interest
  • Use courses and drills in Wizard to practice a variety of topics while earning badges and games along the way
  • Find an activity to complete in Early Learning, Kids, and Activity Corner.
  • Vacay with Norrie the Puffin! Download and print this free Norrie cut out for some added fun!

Find more ideas and resources in Early Learning, Kids, Student, and Discover.

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