America's Presidents

What was George Washington’s presidential salary? What does the president’s Cabinet do? Which president was issued a ticket for speeding through the nation’s capital? (Hint: The answer to the third question had the initials U.S.G.) The World Book of America’s Presidents offers two-volumes of fascinating facts about the office of the presidency of the United States and the individuals who have held it. Volume 1, The President’s World, tells the history of the office and profiles what life has been like for those who have held it: What’s it like to live in the White House, to travel as president, or to guard presidents and their families? Volume 2, Portraits of the Presidents, contains a multipage biography of each president from George Washington to Donald Trump, accompanied by portraits and photos. The fully indexed book for middle grade readers also describes the presidential election process and includes historical quotes, tables, charts, and timelines.

Books in Series

  • Portraits of the Presidents
  • The President’s World

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    • Full biographical information about every U.S. president, including our current 45th president
    • Includes absorbing facts and interesting anecdotes that provide key foundations for history and government studies
    • Volume 1 showcases the duties, privileges and broad power of the presidency, and Volume 2 examines the various leaders we have seen through times of poverty and prosperity, peace and war