Building Blocks of Chemistry

Give budding scientists a head start and help accelerate their understanding of chemistry!

These comic book-style series offer readers a visual learning experience with unconventional characters designed to make complex science topics fun and easy to understand. Each book pairs humor with real-life examples to help make even the most difficult topics approachable.

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SKU: 20449
ISBN: 978-0-7166-4371-5
Pages: 400
Volumes: 10
Price: $299.00
    • Use real-world scenarios to help explain complex topics
    • "Words to Know" glossary define important scientific terms
    • Atoms and Molecules
    • Chemistry and Matter
    • Chemical Compounds and Reactions
    • Chemical Elements
    • Environmental Chemistry
    • Chemistry Everywhere!
    • Chemistry Experiments
    • Chemistry of Living Things
    • Mixtures and Solutions