Building Blocks of Physical Science

Give budding scientists a head start! Each nonfiction book pairs humor and action with scientifically accurate information to make even the most difficult topics amusing and easy to understand. Kids will eagerly learn the fundamentals of physics through such volumes as Energy, Force and Motion, Magnetism, and Sound.

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SKU: 20446
ISBN: 978-0-7166-4460-6
Pages: 400
Volumes: 10
Price: $299.00
    • The “Who’s Who” feature provides young readers a glimpse of how scientists conducted innovative experiments and made surprising discoveries in the history of science.
    • Helpful glossaries and indexes in each volume direct readers to the most important “Words to Know” and physical science topics.

  • Electricity
  • Energy
  • Force and Motion
  • Gravity
  • Heat
  • Light
  • Magnetism
  • Matter and How It Changes
  • Matter and Its Properties
  • Sound