Earth's Changing Climate

With exciting, eye-catching photographs and easy-to-understand sentences, World Book’s Earth’s Changing Climate series helps kids with a 3rd to 5th grade primary reading level learn about climate change. Each nonfiction book explains how climate change affects the weather, wildlife, our oceans, and the habitats of living things around the world! Explaining the possible devastating effects of climate change, the books include a helpful glossary and index that direct students to the most important terms and topics. As they read along, kids will learn how they can help fight climate change (also called global warming) by changing little things in their everyday lives.

Book Set Titles Include

  • Food, Water, and Climate Change
  • Habitats and Climate Change
  • Living with Climate Change
  • Natural Cycles and Climate Change
  • Oceans and Climate Change
  • Understanding Climate Change
  • Weather and Climate Change
  • Wildlife and Climate Change

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ISBN: 978-0-7166-2705-0
Pages: 384
Volumes: 8
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    • Complex concepts are explained in concise language to facilitate comprehension
    • Supports Next Generation Science Standards and STEM instruction
    • Timely series that covers a hot-topic issue around the globe