Zac Newton Investigates set
  • Zac Newton Investigates set
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Zac Newton Investigates

Whether building a racing cart, running from tornadoes, or tracking a mysterious beast, Zac Newton and friends are ready for adventure. Zac, Lucía, Marcus, Ning, and Zac’s dog Orbit solve their problems with science. But to do so, they need a little help from some of history’s greatest minds. Luckily, Zac’s greatest invention, the Backspace app, allows them to take virtual visits to history. Travel along with Zac Newton and friends as they learn about electricity, animals, space, and more from Isaac Newton, Annie Jump Cannon, Ted Fujita, and dozens of other historical scientists.

Books in Series

  • Beasts and Bugs
  • Bodies and Brains
  • Extraordinary Electricity
  • Fabulous Forces
  • Spectacular Space
  • Wild Weather

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ISBN: 978-0-7166-4056-1
Pages: 576
Volumes: 6
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