That's Disgusting!

From deep-fried insects to London's "Fatberg," this series is sure to make you scream, "that's disgusting!" Fun fact sidebars add bonus information. Easy-to-read font supports learning disabilities.

Books in Series

  • Disgusting Human Body
  • Disgusting Animals
  • Disgusting Bugs
  • Disgusting Foods
  • Disgusting Jobs
  • Disgusting Medical Procedures
  • Disgusting Places
  • Disgusting Plants

SKU: 30244
ISBN: 978-0-7166-4176-6
Pages: 256
Volumes: 8
Price: $189.99
    • Narrative nonfiction throughout maintains interest, and diagrams provide visual support
    • Reinforces AASL's Standards for Framework Learners
    • Web-based content enables students to learn early research skills