Broadening Horizons: Learn Something New Every Day

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Did you have any reading resolutions this New Year? To jump into a new subject, to explore a new narrative style, to read more regularly? We think the New Year is a great time to try new things and broaden our horizons, literary or otherwise. We’re here to help you learn something new every single day! Committing to explore topics outside of your comfort zone leads to the development of more well-rounded students and citizens of the world. Here are our favorite ways to integrate daily learning into routines:

  • Word of the Day: Give depth to your vocabulary by trying to incorporate new words daily. Help students by giving examples of words for which the new word of the day can be substituted or using each word of the day in several sentences.
  • Today in History: Learn what significant event happened historically each day. These events will likely span topics like war, pop culture, space exploration, inventions, discoveries, and more! Exciting tidbits of information can pique interest and open up doors to further exploration of new subjects.
  • Then and Now: When noting the anniversaries or occurrences of significant events, take some time to think and talk about how certain experiences have changed over time. For example, Sundance Film Festival kicks off on the 24th. Talk to your students about how motion pictures developed! What was life like before photography? How does it impact us daily? What inventions, discoveries, and developments led to the way we experience motion pictures?

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