Celebrating Hans Christian Andersen

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Once upon a time in the Danish town of Odense, there lived a fairy tale writer named Hans Christian Andersen. His friends called him H.C. for short! He wrote stories of mermaids, ballerinas, emperors, and kings. Initially, his tales appeared in a series of pamphlets, and later were collected and published in books. His stories became popular in the early 1840’s and made Andersen the best-known author in Denmark and the best-known storyteller throughout the world.

Andersen gave each tale its own style, but his stories can be roughly classified into several groups: imitations of folk tales ("The Tinder Box," "Little Claus and Big Claus," and "The Traveling Companion"); tales based on Andersen's life ("The Ugly Duckling" and "She Was Good for Nothing"); tales that make fun of human faults ("The Emperor's New Clothes" and "The Rags"); and philosophical tales ("The Story of a Mother" and "The Shadow"). Some of the tales use settings in Denmark ("The Wind Tells About Valdemar Daae and His Daughters" and "Holger Danske"), but others can take place anywhere. He wrote with wisdom, deliberate simplicity, and often with sly humor. His fairy tales are among the most widely read works in world literature.

But long before he became a famous writer, he was a young boy discovering adventure on the cobbled streets of Denmark. And young H.C. was not just an ordinary boy, he was a boy with a magical hat—and an even more magical imagination! Join young H.C. Andersen on a wondrous journey as he meets characters that would later inspire his famous tales as he battles with those who want to steal his magic hat and his very imagination. Watch The Adventures of Young H.C. Andersen book series trailer today!


Hans Christian Andersen, a prolific writer of plays, novels, and poems, and best remembered for his iconic fairy tales, died 145 years ago today at the age of 75 in Copenhagen. Like his own fairy tale, “The Ugly Duckling,” he rose from poverty to fame! The anniversary of his death is a time to remember and celebrate his stories of make-believe that have enchanted readers around the world for generations.

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