Keep Kids Reading over Winter Break

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Breaks from a child’s normal routine can be great; they’re a time to recharge, play, and spend time with family. But stepping away from learning resources for too long can weaken a student’s reading comprehension, critical thinking, and core learning skills. We encourage a balance of relaxing and constructive activities during winter break! Here are some of the best ways to incorporate learning into your holiday vacation:

  • Find stories that play to their interests. Reading and learning feel less like a chore when topics pique students’ imagination, help them explore their favorite topics, and disguise learning with fun. World Book provides stories in a range of narrative styles that cover just about every topic—you’re sure to find books that suit every child’s needs.
  • Consider digital options to engage students in learning. Technology can supplement book learning, engage children more fully, allow new forms of exploration, and much more. Consider eBooks to make reading on the go a breeze if you’re traveling for the holidays! Trusted digital databases like World Book Online can answer any questions that may arise as students read and learn, and its multimedia features grant a more immersive learning experience. World Book WOW, available as an app, takes that interactivity to the next step with games, note-taking and research help, personalized learning features, and more.
  • Read together. Be a strong role model for your children. Make reading a regular and cherished part of your family routine! It will set the stage for a child’s development of strong reading habits as they get older. Discuss what you’re both reading, help to answer their questions, and encourage their curiosity.

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