Live Colorfully: Happy Holi!

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Holi (pronounced HOH lee) is a Hindu festival celebrated predominantly in India and Nepal that honors the arrival of spring. Holi is a joyous time in which participants celebrate love, friendship, forgiveness, humor and more. The strict normal rules of social behavior relax during Holi, and people dance and play boisterously. “Playing Holi” is a popular term of celebration in which people douse one another with colored powder and water!

Everyone should celebrate the values that Holi emphasizes. The colorful springtime festival reminds us of all the ways each individual—their strengths, likes, hobbies, opinions, and more—helps to create a colorful, diverse, and unique community. Use the new spring season to express yourself and your uniqueness. Spend time with family and friends, practice your hobbies, try new activities, make a new friend, and enjoy the springtime weather! Check out these World Book titles that encourage colorful communities:

  • Learning Ladders: Things I Like
  • Learning Ladders: Community Helpers
  • Women Who Rock (series)
  • How I Changed the World (series)
  • Anti-Bullying Basics (series)
  • …and many more!

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