The Power of Literacy

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This week is Banned Books Week—a time for us to celebrate both our freedom to read and the books that have been so powerful they’ve drawn censorship. Some of the most important works of literature are so beloved because of their ability to make us think, to express ideas freely, to challenge the status quo, and to inspire change. It’s that same power that has rendered famous works—like 1984, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Catcher in the Rye, Slaughterhouse Five, and many more—temporarily censored and banned in the past.

We believe that literacy has the power to inspire positive change. A lifelong love of literature begins in childhood; equipping young students with the tools to read, think critically, ask questions, and pursue knowledge sets them up for success. While it’s important to read age-appropriate material, we encourage curious young minds to keep asking questions and broadening their horizons. How have you seen reading empower students? How has literature brought about positive change in your life? Share your stories with us!

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