Out of This World 2!

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Many of the world’s renowned scientists started life as curious young children who thought big thoughts and asked big questions. Back with a second set, our new Out of This World 2 will inspire the budding scientists in your life with science stories and inquiry adventures. Whether it’s discovering the unique problems of living in space, exploring Mars and Venus, or protecting humans and spacecraft from dangerous conditions, this series is the perfect launch pad for exploration.

The books in the Out of This World 2 series feature projects that have won grants from the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program (NIAC). Meet eight high-profile scientists, and learn all about the cutting-edge innovations they are working on to push the boundaries of space exploration today!

Titles in the series include:

Clockwork Venus Rover (with Jonathan Sauder)—Venus is one of the most challenging planets to explore. Its acidic clouds, crushing pressures, and searing heat destroy even the toughest space probes. Learn how engineer Jonathan Sauder plans to overcome these challenges using the same technology that makes clocks tick.

Expandable Space Habitat (with Anthony Longman)—Would you like to live in space? Today, only a few astronauts live there at a time, crammed into tiny spacecraft and space stations. But larger and more comfortable quarters are needed to truly open up space for development. Learn how architect Anthony Longman plans to create an expandable space habitat that will allow thousands of people to live, work, and play in space.

Fusion-Powered Spacecraft (with Stephanie Thomas)—Probes to the outer solar system take many years to reach their destinations. They get there with only enough power for basic instruments and grainy communication back to Earth. What if we could get high-definition video of Saturn’s rings? Learn how aerospace engineer Stephanie Thomas plans to create a rocket that can get to the outer planets much faster and provide plenty of power.

Leaping Low-Gravity Explorers (with Marco Pavone)—Asteroids and comets are hard to explore up close. Their low gravity makes it difficult to land on them—and to travel on them without floating away! What if you could turn this disadvantage into an advantage? Learn how engineer Marco Pavone plans to build a rover to bounce across an asteroid.

Mars-Exploring Flying Swarm (with Chang-kwon Kang)—Flying probes would be a good way to gather lots of information about some planets and large moons in our solar system. But flying is a particular challenge in Mars’s thin atmosphere. Learn how aerospace engineer Chang-kwon Kang plans to build fliers for Mars inspired by butterflies and bees.

Martian Cave Colonies (with Penny Boston)—The surface of Mars is fraught with danger for a human traveler. An unbreathable atmosphere, icy temperatures, and harmful radiation are just some of the hazards. But things are a little more inviting below the surface. Learn how NASA astrobiologist Penny Boston plans to create living spaces in caves for the first Martian explorers.

Second-Skin Space Suit (with Dava Newman)—How are astronauts going to explore Mars? Previous space suits have been bulky and cumbersome—but maybe we can fix that with new designs. Learn how engineer Dava Newman plans to create a new space suit that will enable us to explore the Red Planet in comfort and style.

Solar-Surfing Space Probes (with Robert Youngquist)—The sun’s rays heat up everything in our solar system. Without complex cooling systems for spacecraft, electronics break down and rocket fuel boils. What if there was a simple coating that could keep spacecraft cool? Learn how NASA engineer Bob Youngquist plans to use his Solar White coating to allow spacecraft to practically touch the sun!

Out of This World 2 was reviewed by Booklist in May 2021 in which they wrote, “Each volume features brief paragraphs and accessible language, ample technical background, biographical details, and pop-culture references (“Star Trek,” “Lost in Space,” The Martian), plus the cutting-edge technology should capture and keep the attention of readers.”

Explore these intriguing science titles today and who knows? You may just inspire the next great scientist of our era. Available for pre-order now and ready to ship May 21st, 2021.

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