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  • Where In The World Can I set
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Where In The World Can I...

Where in the World Can I… takes the traditional question-and-answer format and twists it into a fun but factual quest. Each volume title question represents an imaginative idea or adventure kids might think about trying to do in the real world. For example, Where Can I Find a Dragon? explains all about the frightful Komodo dragon and other real-life "dragons." Each book provides supporting information so the adventure results in real learning.

Books in Series

  • Become a Ninja?
  • Climb a Tower?
  • Dig Up a Fossil?
  • Find a Dragon?
  • Hike a Canyon?
  • Meet a Ghost?
  • Ride a Camel?
  • See a Vampire?
  • Swim with a Manta Ray?
  • Touch a Cloud?

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