Ageless Light —Ageless Knowledge

This edition’s Spinescape® is a night-sky photo taken of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountain range on the border between the U.S. states of California and Nevada. The scene shows dawn overtaking night and symbolizes the enlightening impact of knowledge on confusion and ignorance. With this 2017 edition, The World Book Encyclopedia marks the centenary of the publication of its first edition and celebrates 100 years of serving readers everywhere who strive to learn and to know.

Highlights include:

  • Over 1,000 new or revised articles, including:
    • In-the-news people and topics, such as politicians Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump; Lady Gaga; Paris terrorist attacks of 2015; Transgender; and Olympic Games
    • Historical events, such as California gold rush
    • Animals, such as snowy owl and zombie worm
  • Expert contributors, advisers, editors, and researchers ensure readability, accuracy, and currency
  • Over 25,000 photographs, maps, and illustrations
  • Extensive index and research tutorial

"World Book has been a gateway for my personal knowledge, learning and growth.”

– T. Brodhead, Customer

“World Book continues to be a first choice for libraries, schools, and homes…”

–School Library Journal

Throughout the nearly 100 years of publication of The World Book Encyclopedia many things have changed, but World Book’s dedication to providing timely, reliable, and readable educational and reference materials has not wavered.

Today, World Book remains dedicated to fostering a deep desire to learn in students of all ages. In print and online, World Book content is especially crafted with young readers in mind to help ensure that their commitment to reading is rewarded with easily understandable text that engages and educates. Adults, too, returning or coming to a subject for the first time, will appreciate World Book’s concise and precise writing.

Our accessible text comes from hard writing and uncompromising editorial standards. Each and every print and online product that World Book publishes is the result of a thorough and rigorous editorial process, including the meticulous ongoing revision process of the print and online versions of the encyclopedia. It is this adherence to currency and accuracy that continues to secure our place as an information cornerstone in classrooms, school libraries, public libraries, academic libraries, and homes.

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