Building Blocks of Mathematics
  • Building Blocks of Mathematics
  • Building Blocks of Mathematics
  • Building Blocks of Mathematics
  • Building Blocks of Mathematics

Key Highlights

  • Original comics-style art draws students into the magic world of learning mathematics. Learn with Fun!
  • Fascinating information about the invention of number systems, great learning materials for kids
  • Lists of additional print and Internet resources about learning mathematics
  • Contents reflect state and provincial learning standards of mathematics
  • Prepared with the expert guidance of Dr. Hala Ghousseini and Dr. Anita Wager, assistant professors of mathematics education in the department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison


“This series uses a comic-book format to appeal to the target audience. Cartoon narrators guide readers through different strategies to solve mathematical story problems involving fractions, multiplication, etc. There are some humorous, edgier moments; in Subtraction, for example, seven worms escape the fish hook only to be eaten by a bird (that responds with a “Burp”). The texts move quickly through the concepts, and thus will be most useful for students with established knowledge and/or a teacher nearby to answer questions. Each volume typically ends with a page of additional facts; resource lists; and a page that includes a “Note to Educators,” an index to the strategies introduced in the texts, and a list of “Educator Resources.” For teachers who want to challenge students to consider different methods of solving problems, these books are a must.”

School Library Journal

"This new set from World Book was designed in collaboration with a team of education experts led by Hala Ghousseini and Anita Wager, assistant professors of mathematics education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The concept is to provide a fun, interactive way for children to learn the basic skills and building blocks of mathematics through the use of comic-book style illustrations and story problems. Each of the six volumes addresses a different mathematical concept: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and numbers. Made up mostly of story problems, this work will help students conceptualize mathematical operations and learn new techniques for solving math problems found in real-life situations. The contents reflect state learning standards for mathematics, making these books useful for elementary and middle school libraries and classrooms. Each volume concludes with a list of additional resources (books and Websites), as well as a list of educator resources."

American Reference Books Annual

Using a graphic novel format, this six-volume set covers multiple ways to perform arithmetic operations. Well-designed to reinforce previously taught concepts. Grades 1-5.

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