Can a self-driving car be made?

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In this video, Andy Sarkisian, Safety Planning and Strategy Manager at Ford Motor Company, discusses how modern car systems can help people drive safely.

About Cars:

Automobile is a wheeled machine that serves as the most important form of transportation in the world. People drive about 750 million passenger cars along the world's roads and highways—about 1 car for every 10 people. Trucks transport huge amounts of food, clothing, and other products across vast distances. Since their invention in the late 1800's, automobiles have shaped the way people do business and live their lives. Few technologies have changed the world as much as the automobile has.

A car moves by producing power and channeling it to the wheels, spinning them. Like the human body, a car includes a number of systems that work closely together. Each system is itself a complex machine. Most systems in an automobile have many moving and computerized parts. Some systems work to produce power or transfer it to the wheels. Others work to support the car or provide information to the driver.

All cars use energy to power their motion. Most cars have internal-combustion engines. Such engines use energy stored in gasoline or diesel fuel by burning it. Other cars have an electric motor. The motor uses energy stored in a rechargeable battery. Hybrid cars combine an internal-combustion engine with an electric motor.Manufacturing a car requires years of planning. Engineers use computer programs to model how the car will look and perform. They build sample cars and test how well the samples work in a variety of conditions. All the parts of the car must be made from scratch or bought. Then, automakers bring the parts together on an assembly line. An automobile assembly line is a row of workers. Each worker performs an assigned task, such as inserting a part. The car then passes along to the next worker until it is finished.

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