Six reasons to get outside and visit the nearest forest!

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During Parks and Recreation month, there are so many reasons to love forests! Here are our top six reasons to get outside and visit the nearest forest!

1. Where do you live? Forests are home to many different kinds of plants and animals. In fact, each forest has its own ecosystem (a community of interconnected living and nonliving things) for survival.

2. People can use materials from forests to create things! Forests provide people with name useful resources, such as lumber, plywood, paper, and cardboard. What can you make out of these materials?

3. You may depend on a forest to cook your dinner! Forests provide many different types of fuel for cooking and heating, such as fats, oils, and gums.

4. Do you ever get sick? Did you know that at least one-fourth of all known medicines come from plants or animals native to tropical rain forests?

5. Do you breathe oxygen? (Of course! We all do!) Did you know that trees and other plants of tropical rain forests generate approximately 40 percent of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere?

6. Forests are fun! There are so many different activities you can enjoy in a forest, such as camping, hiking, bird watching, fishing, and hunting. Which activity would you like to try?

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