The Olympics in Rio is over, but the tradition will continue! Test your knowledge of modern and ancient Olympics history with this short quiz!

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1. How often are the Olympic Summer Games held?
2. In the opening ceremonies, the team of what country has the honor of marching first into the Olympic stadium? Why do they get this honor?
3. What does the Olympic flame stand for?
4. The Olympic symbol consists of ____ rings and stand for____.
5. The five official Olympic colors are black, blue, green, yellow, and ____.
6. The Summer Olympics lasts____ days.
7. Athletes in the Summer Olympics compete in: (circle one)
(1) About 130 events.
(2) About 190 events.
(3) About 270 events.
(4) About 300 events.
8. True or false? More than 10,000 athletes take part in the Summer Games.
9. True or false? The only event in the first 13 games of the ancient Olympic Games was the broad jump.
10. The first recorded Olympic contest took place in what year?
11. The first modern Olympic Games were held in what year?


1. Every four years
2. Greece. To honor Greece as the birthplace of the Olympics.
3. It stands for the light of spirit, knowledge, and life and it is also a messenger of peace.
4. Five; Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, the Americas (continents)
5. Red
6. 17 days
7. (4) more than 300 events
8. True
9. False. The first event was running.
10. 776 B.C.
11. 1896
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