Who said science books for children can't be fun? Reflecting the popularity of educational comics, World Book introduces its first graphic nonfiction series, Building Blocks of Science.

Each fun science book volume features a whimsical character to guide the reader through a physical science topic, a key part of the science curriculum for elementary students. The cast of characters includes Gravity; Magnetism; Matter; Energy; Light; Sound; Electricity; Force and Motion; and Heat. The topic of matter is broken into two volumes: Matter and How It Changes and Matter and Its Properties.

The 10 volumes in this educational comic series feature highly original and humorous comic-style art to draw children into the material. Several spreads in each volume are illustrated with photographs to help clarify concepts and part of the elementary science curriculum. The volumes also include features typically found in nonfiction books, such as a table of contents, glossary, list of additional print and Internet resources, and an index.

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“The combination of comics-style panels and pithy explanations of scientific concepts makes the Building Blocks of Science series a fun, efficient, and approachable classroom supplement. …. You can’t go wrong with this series for either struggling scientists or kids just starting to wrap their minds around the basics.”


"The books offer an excellent introduction to matter (two volumes), magnetism, light, electricity, energy, gravity, heat, sound, and force/motion....This series is highly recommended for students aged five through ten who appreciate books in the graphic form. Especially useful for homeschoolers, classrooms, and elementary school and public libraries."

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"….The few small photographs are clear and crisp images. Each cartoon character presents their concept in a basic and easy-to-understand manner. The information is direct and moves smoothly from questions to facts or statements. The graphic novel format in this series is geared toward younger students who are comic book fans. Each volume presents a good informational resource to basic science concepts….RECOMMENDED."

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About the Illustrator: Sam Hiti is very tall, but of average height when sitting at his drafting table. He has been drawing comics full time independently since 2004. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with his wife, two children, and his tiny dog.

About the Author: Joseph Midthun was born in a small mining town in central Minnesota. He attended the Perpich Center for Arts Education and Columbia College in Chicago. He is currently editor-in-chief at La Luz Comics and lives in St. Paul.

Books in this series:

  • Electricity
  • Energy
  • Force and Motion
  • Gravity
  • Heat
  • Light
  • Magnetism
  • Matter and How It Changes
  • Matter and Its Properties
  • Sound
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Excellent books for starting kids in sceince

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The books are very engaging for kids and the concepts are explained in simple language.

The characters and practical examples make it more interesting.


The books are fabulous...

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The books are wonderful. I found them after my son started bringing them home from the school library. The customer service... iffy. Got a call about my purchase, called back, never received a call in return. Had to follow up to see if they were shipped and never received a shipping number.