Endangered Animals of the World!

From the giant panda to the black rhinoceros, animals across our planet are threatened. Learning about these important creatures is the first step toward building awareness in future generations.

Every child loves animals, and they will be instantly enthralled with each animal’s story. With facts and figures about each species region by region, each animal is described using scientific classification, physical characteristics, behaviors, threat level, and reasons for endangerment. An eighth volume focuses on some animals that have lost their fight for species survival.

Kids will gravitate toward the large, colorful pictures of swinging orangutans and elegant cranes. Extensive entries are packed with detail, including information about the animals, their habitats, the threats they face, and conservation efforts made on their behalf. Simple iconography relates reasons for endangerment, from poaching to overfishing to pollution to loss of habitat. Detailed maps provide visual learners with a reference for each animal’s range.

Key Features:

  • Colorful photos and illustrations
  • Additional online resources listed
  • Helpful glossary and index in each volume

"These books promise many hours of exciting and educational discoveries. They are geared toward students reading at the fourth through eighth grade levels, yet the material is of interest to younger children and adults, too. All elementary school and public libraries should include this set in their collection.

There is a separate volume for each of the seven continents, and each contains descriptions of some of the endangered animals found on the respective continent. The articles are filled with exceptional color photographs and the source for each is acknowledged. Back matter in each volume includes a glossary and index, along with references to books, websites, and organizations for further research or information.

Highly organized and visually appealing, each two-page spread is devoted to one endangered animal. A map highlighting the area that the animal inhabits naturally (range) is included, along with its conservation status (extinct, extinct in the wild, critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable, near threatened, or least concern). Also, there are brief paragraphs describing the animal's diet, habitat, reproduction, appearance, threats, and lifespan.

The eighth volume is entitled Extinct! and it contains information about twenty species that are gone forever. Most of the images in this book are color paintings or sketches, rather than photographs, since many of the animals were extinct millions of years ago.

This set is highly recommended, and sure to please all animal lovers."

---Jean Elvekrog, Catholic Library World, December 2015

Books in Endangered Animals of the World:

  • Endangered Animals of Africa
  • Endangered Animals of Asia
  • Endangered Animals of Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands
  • Endangered Animals of Europe
  • Endangered Animals of North America
  • Endangered Animals of South America
  • Endangered Animals of the Oceans
  • Extinct!