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  • Robots - 20412
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  • Robots - 20412


This STEM-focused series shows how these machines are becoming an ever-more-crucial part of our lives. Each volume uncovers the history behind robots and discusses how they may impact our future. Individual volume topics range from the everyday to the truly weird.

Books in Series

  • Robots Basic
  • Robots Sensing and Doing
  • Robots Thinking and Learning
  • Robots on the Move
  • Robots at Work
  • Robots at Play
  • Robots in Action
  • Robots Helping Out
  • Robots and People
  • Weird Robots

SKU: 20412
ISBN: 978-0-7166-4128-5
Pages: 48 each
Volumes: 10
Price: $149.99
    • Learn about robots with this STEM-focused series that addresses such topics as the autonomy of robots, their integration into human lives, and how they may impact our future
    • Each volume offers fascinating explanations of the rapid advance of robotics—from the everyday to the truly weird
    • Engaging writing, fun graphics, vivid pictures, and interesting call-outs make for effective disguised learning

    • “This flashy series is packed with tons of fascinating facts.”

    • “The highly visual guides have a strong balance of photos and text.”

    • “VERDICT: An excellent, readable series to include in every collection.”

    School Library Journal, ‘Series Made Simple’ supplement, November 2019

    • “…readers will observe the technological advances that have been made over time without feeling like they’re being served a history lesson.”

    • “Visually appealing with graphic-design elements and well-chosen photos, the book is filled with specific examples of these robots, clear descriptions of how each interacts with people, and how people tend to react to these machines”

    Booklist, April 2019, STARRED review