Summer Reading 2020

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That time of year has finally come! Classes are ending, temperatures are rising, and summer is finally here. The sun brings laughter and fun, but also a lot of free time. This is the perfect time to gear up for Summer Reading, which helps prevent the “summer slide” by keeping children motivated to keep reading and make sure their minds stay sharp while on a break from school.

World Book is here to support the 2020 Collaborative Summer Library Program's Imagine Your Story theme of “Fairy Tales/Mythology/Fantasy” with both outlandish legends and whimsical creatures.

Abnormal Field Guides to Cryptic Creatures

Professor Abner Normal has all the tricks to lead readers on an educational (and unconventional) safari in search of the world’s most mysterious creatures.

The Adventures of Young H.C. Andersen

This comic book-style series presents the daring adventures of a young H.C. Join him as he meets characters that would inspire his famous fairy tales, including “The Little Mermaid,” “Thumbelina,” “The Ugly Duckling,” and “The Snow Queen.”

Lost & Found

Follow siblings Perri and Archer as they travel through to time to return items from their whimsical home, Lost & Found: The Effervescent Emporium of Curiosities. Imaginative illustrations and book design transport readers—and Perri and Archer—to other cultures.

Where in the World Can I…

Where in the World Can I… takes the traditional question-and-answer format and twists it into a fun but factual quest. Each volume title question represents an imaginative idea or adventure kids might think about trying to do in the real world.

Famous Myths and Legends

This series collects many famous stories from around the world. The stories are written in a creative way to approximate the artistry of the originals and are accompanied by colorful paintings and photographs.

Gods of Legend

Powerful, angry, and legendary gods and goddesses from ancient stories still excite us today. Kids can learn about them in the BOLT set Gods of Legend. From fighting giants to throwing lightning, find out what these mythical heroes were known for.

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