Avoid the Summer Slide!

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Have you heard of the “summer slide”? Unfortunately, it’s not the fun kind of slide you’ll find at a playground or waterpark. It’s the educational phenomenon referring to the backslide that many kids experience if they completely unplug from learning over the summer. Educators have said they are likely to see a stronger slide this summer than in years past because of the early ending of the traditional school year, plus the reduction or elimination of summer programs.

So how can you prevent it? Here’s the secret: keep learning all summer long! Now, don’t panic, we are not suggesting year-round schooling. We are talking about consciously striving to provide learning opportunities each day to keep kids’ academic skills sharp. Join us as we explore digital and reading resources, hands-on activities, and fun recipes we have to help combat the summer slide.

1. Math & Literacy-Building Resources

      Use It! Don't Lose It! Keep students' minds sharp this summer with our at-home activity books. Each workbook reinforces topics in the curricula and makes even the most complex topics easy to understand for students of all reading levels. These math and language arts activity books are full of engaging puzzles, stories, and adventures to explore as students practice skills that are aligned with the Common Core State Standards. These supplemental activities are perfect for reinforcing specific skills that may be difficult for some students to master. See for yourself! try a free week’s worth of math problems here.

      2. Disguised Learning Resources

        World Book Online has lots of disguised learning resources to keep kids reading and learning while having tons of fun over the summer. From tracing games to print and do activities, to interactive maps and Trivia Quizzes, there is something for preschool and early elementary to advanced students.

        3. Reading Resources

        With endless activities calling, it can be a challenge for many parents to get their kids to pick up a book. If you have a reluctant reader, a really great book series is like magic! Once your child becomes involved with the story and characters, chances are they will be excited to read the next one as soon as they’ve finished.

        We've compiled a list, which includes some of their very favorite high-interest series, that also support the 2020 Collaborative Summer Library Program's theme of “Fairy Tales/Mythology/Fantasy.”

        4. Real-World Learning Resources

        Our easy-to-make recipes are not only a good activity for long summer days, but also a great opportunity to teach kids about science and math. Measure two cups of strawberries, stir in the lemon juice, incorporate the sugar… all of these cooking tasks help develop necessary academic, cognitive, and motor skills. And of course, make a tasty treat!

        Explore our Taste the World Series Recipes:

        At World Book, we believe every day is about celebrating the wonderful power of learning and encouraging a love of reading and exploration in children. To learn more, please visit our Avoid the Summer Slide resources page.

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