Answer Me This, World Book 2

The editors of The World Book Encyclopedia answer more puzzling and even preposterous questions posed by our readers.

Question and answer format enables readers to play along and supports collaborative learning, while page-turning format invites readers to engage their imaginations.

"Engage Your Reader" feature includes Guided Reading Prompts, Curriculum Correlations, and other educator tools.

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Books in Series

  • Does a Haircut Affect My Brain?
  • Why Can't Dogs and Cats Have Chocolate?
  • Would a Giant Ice Pack Stop Global Warming?
  • If You Sneeze With Your Eyes Open, Will They Pop Out?
  • Can I Eat a Banana Peel?
  • How Do Magnets Attract Each Other?
  • Who Put The Alphabet in Alphabetical Order?
  • Is The Moon Made of Cheese?
  • How Strong is a Crocodile's Bite?
  • Can Fish See Water?

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    • World Book answers your questions about animals, outer space, science and more
    • Relatable comparisons make facts fun and easy to understand 
    • Humorous text and graphics present material in a fun and engaging way