Hurricane safety

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Hurricane season is about to start in the Atlantic and the Northeast Pacific – are you ready? Use these World Book tips to stay safe!

1. Keep your radio tuned to a news station after learning that a hurricane warning has been broadcast, or follow weather alerts online on the National Weather Service website,
2. Board up your windows or protect them with special storm shutters or tape.
3. Store drinking water in clean bottles and jugs, and fill the bathtub with water for later use.
4. Make sure your automobile gasoline tank is full because service stations may not be able to operate for several days after a hurricane. (But do not store gasoline in cans or other containers in your car or home.)
5. Stay home if the structure is sturdy and on high ground. Otherwise, move quickly to a designated hurricane shelter. Stay home or in the shelter until an all clear has been broadcast.
6. After the storm, avoid loose or dangling electric power lines and report them immediately to the power company.

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